Monday, 19 March 2018

Dojo Award - Toy Afternoon

As part of our Dojo prizes for the whole class one of the top awards is a toy afternoon and this half term the children have been working so hard that they have managed to achieve their toy afternoon!

It was lovely to have a break from learning and enjoy playing together with the different toys that we brought in.


Our attendance percentage for last week was:


This is an improvement on last week but we are still below the target of 96%. Let's keep going up!

Friday, 16 March 2018

Learning Log

It has been another fantastic week in 3ST and we have all been working very hard.

In literacy this week we have been using speech bubbles for what the grumpy townsfolk said to Arthur and then turning these into written dialogue using inverted commas. We then wrote a diary entry in the role of Arthur to explain what had happened and how he was feeling after the big events of the day - there were some fantastic responses! One of the big questions from the text is whether Arthur should go on the adventure to the land of the Viking Gods or not. We held a class debate to say our points about why he should or shouldn't go and then used these ideas to write a letter to Arthur telling him why we thought he should go on the adventure or why he shouldn't go. We came up with some great ideas. Arthur decided to go on the journey so we created a list of things that he might take with him and why he should take those important items and finally predicted what would happen next on his journey to the land of the Viking Gods! Phew!

Our focus in maths this week has been on fractions. Lots of us looked fearful when we heard fractions at the beginning of the week but we have worked hard and are really beginning to show a good understanding. We recapped on what we learned last year and then focused on the numerator and denominator and how they link with the whole. We also looked at how to create whole fractions and counting in tenths. Finally, we began to look at recognise tenths as decimals and how these could be written.


There was a HUGE improvement in reading this week and most of the children have been trying hard - Poppy even read seven times in the week! However, there are still some children who either aren't reading at all or are only reading once or twice. Reading is still extremely important for children who are confident readers at this age as it exposes them to a variety of stories and helps to improve their vocabulary, both understanding and allowing them to use it in their own writing. Let's keep up the great effort!

Have a wonderful weekend!


The following spellings will be tested on Friday 23rd March 2018.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Maths Homework

The following maths homework is to be completed by Thursday 22nd March 2018.
The work can be completed in your child's math's homework book.

Salt Dough Fun!

3ST have had a fun afternoon creating objects for Arthur to take on his quest!
We thought really hard about what objects would be the most useful.
Can you tell what what they are?

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Book Bonanza

We have revamped our reading area and bookcase in 3ST today making it easier to use and including more things to do. As well as having a range of books we now also have story stones to help us retell stories!

As we filtered through our old books and took out ones that we don't read much we decided to head to the school library and choose two new books to bring back into class. Here are some photos of us reading the books we chose:

We held a short reading area opening ceremony to cut the ribbon and announce our new area open!

We are all very excited to start using our new area and looking after it correctly.